Cycling as both a hobby and a way to get somewhere in a dense urban area have  experienced  a  renaissance  of late. Could it be gas prices? Could ti be a focus on greener healthy living, or is it just practicality winning out over a cramped environment and everything else is a side effect? How about all of the above. But none of that changes the fact that Bikes can be mighty expensive things.

And locking your bike up securely is a lot harder than you would think. Bike theives are notoriously determined and find a good many ingenious ways of making off with your ride. Enter Kickstarter with yet another awesome concept.


John Loughlin has designed a unique looking bike lock, called the TiGr made from Titanium, this lightweight bow like lock is resistant to bolt cutters and extremely had to saw through. Bike theft is a crime of  opportunity, and is often done quickly. The longer you can keep the would be  thief  around trying to get at your bike the less likely it is to be stolen.


If it gets funded then the people involved will  have  3rd party testing done of the security of the device.  I like the concept. if the lock itself is made of steel i would think that would be the point of attack then, and the crooks would just take your lock too, since Titantium can’t be cheap!

TiGr: Titanium Lock as Cool as your Bike by John Loughlin — Kickstarter.