Way back when, you know in times of latin and stuff. Well at least before Times New Roman, and definitely before Helvetica, typographers had a problem. When they wanted to show someone a new typeface, or work out layout on a design people kept focusing on the content of the type on the page.

So sometime in the 1600’s typographers and Proto Font Nerds threw down some Faux Latin, cobbled together pieces of an old manuscript () and created the first Lorem Ipsum.

Now we know just how far down the road to damnation they lead us. Thoe misaligned words were actually part of the black speech and in 2011, after chants of Lorem Ipsum and its ilk have gone on for centuries, unfettered. They have given rise to the true  language  of the undead. Zombie Ipsum… now with 50% more brains!

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via Zombie Ipsum: Frightful Filler for Your Damned Designs.