So George Lucas has announced he wants to try and print some more money. At what point does this mimic inflation? You can only release the same movies with minor tweaks so many different times. Loyale fanbase, prepare to be abused to the tune of 3D prices.

I hate 3D movies, More often than not 3D scenes are gimics that detract from the movie. I wonder how brand new tech will fit into movies when my kids get older. Being released in order the first installment, mit Jar Jar is due out  February 10, 2012, and will be released in order until 2018, one a year.

I keep  hoping  that Lucas will take the Highlander II track, realize that changes were made to the larger story that  adversely  affected the  narrative  (jar jar) and remove them in a special directors cut (Renegade  Version) as a  service  to the fans. In highlander the changes that had to be made were massive, and sweeping. One character isn’t all that  important  to the story. If  editing  can eliminate planet Ziest, think what it could do for Star Wars. Come on George if you make a version in 3D, without JarJar… the people / fans would eat it up! Also Han should shoot first  man, come on.

The first 3D Star Wars movie gets a release date | DVICE.