Some times my friends who don’t have kids laugh at me when I post about watching cartoons, getting up with a crying baby or  arguing  with a 4 year old. This is going to be one of those times. The baby isn’t sleeping well at all tonight. She has already been up a couple of times and when she gets up that wakes the boy. Who argues about not being able to watch TV at 12 midnight… which in turn wakes the baby back up. It is a  cyclical, and  humorous  from afar kind of situation. but it all boils down to the baby not feeling too well and I honestly can’t be certain I’ll be able to get a whole show up and recorded tonight.

Cutting my losses but planning big things for the next couple of weeks. The Winners of the Buckyballs Contest have been chosen and Notified. If you wrote in or commented and you didn’t  receive  and  email  I’m sorry for not being able to choose everyone. Trust me there will be more  opportunities  to win fun things in the very near future. The podcast is turning 5 years old just after the new year, so there may be some fun stuff for that on the way as well.

Until Tomorrow when I finally get the show recorded, be excellent to one another.