Ready for your daily technology creep out yet? With the movie the Rep Men in the theaters it seems a bit odd that a story about a scientist from the University of Missouri working towards 3D printing out new veins and eventually working towards the ability to “print” an organ? Odd coincidence aside this is really cool tech. Imagine several years down the road not having to worry about a failing organ in an older relative, just having to head to the supermarket and picking out a new kidney, possibly one with the undercoating…

Still the idea of designer organs and replacement parts without having to wait for someone else to donate them could really revolutionize the medical industry. The device works on the same principle that every single other 3D printer does. it builds things in layers, tiny lay by tiny layer building the structure up over time, like making a candle the cells build upon each other and the base that is lain down to eventually and hopefully come to a complex and truly organic structure. Human trials for this are said to be a good 3 – 4 years off but its is not out of the ballpark to think our kids may one day not have to worry about being an organ doner or not.


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