Comic book  fans  and geeks love to debate inane topics. Who is faster the Flash or Superman? I always thought the flash would win hands down, I mean he’s THE Flash. Superman was only ever billed to be faster than a speeding train, pedestrian if you can vibrate on a  molecular level.

Apparently a thread was started on the DC forums and things got so out of hand DC turned off comments. Flame wars are the bread and butter fo the internet, in fact in some countries the heat generated is enough to power the internet there for a day or two. Any passionate group of fans have their end all and be all battles. LOtR fans, the books not the movies, argue endlessly over Balrogs, wings or no wings? Star wars and Star trek fans argue between each other, and over bits of cannon and non cannon  material.

Comic books fans are no different. Let the nerds fight, just film it next time!



Superman and the Flash Start Flame War, Refuse to Comment.