While it is springtime here in this part of the world its never too late or early to start planning for winter’s icy breath breathing down your neck. and If you  experience  the type of  blustery  cold that Mother Russia has to offer you might just need to pony up on a bigger horse.

Enter the Trecol, a 6 wheeled behemoth capable of driving on land and sea, and whose specially designed tires can run you over and you live to say thanks! Rather than use fully inflated tires the Trecol rolls squad deep and snow deep with a set of 6 massive tires. But the cool thing about these tires is that not only are they Polar Bear Tough (Seriously watch the video) but they are able to roll over someone laying down on the job and not crush them despite 2.5 metric tons of awesome rolling overtop. How neat is that.

Apparently  they tires have less pressure in them than the surrounding atmosphere so they form to the  obstacles  they roll over.

Russian six-wheeler drives over people, doesn’t squish them | DVICE.