Kids toys need to be two things to pass muster, durable and quiet. These blocks look mighty quite unless there is a hidden compartment for batteries I’m missing, and they also fulfill the hidden third category of an educational plus. The only real question i would have is about durability. can the water compartments take a three year old with a good arm?

I love the simplicity of the design and the classic shapes. they hit all of the right buzz words of the day. Made from sustainable rubberwood, in Thailand. Its not so much that Thailand is an advantageous place t do business but its not china, which has a whole ton of bad press about kids toys and disregard for product safety.

I’m almost tempted to buy them for school as they perfectly illustrate additive color theory. However at $39.99 I think they will be a wonderful example from afar. 6 blocks for 40 dollars breaks down to just over $6.67 per block, and that’s might pricey.

Via  OhGizmo!