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So let’s start off with how gaming started for me. This week celebrates the birth of one of the most popular games to date, The Legend of Zelda. 25 years ago, Link started his quest to save Princess Zelda from his archenemy, Ganon. This game consists of action, puzzles, and pure fun. Since its beginning, the franchise has released 15 quests, with the 16th coming sometime this year. With its game concept and mind boggling puzzles, Zelda has been the 4th best selling game in Nintendo. Even though some games have been cancelled for releases, the Link’s quest for the Triforce still continues.
Although Link is always busy trying to save Princess Zelda, he always finds time to stop by other games in the Nintendo world. He makes an appearance in such games as Super Smash Bros, Soul Caliber 2, and other Nintendo games. You will even see a resting place for him in Final Fantasy. However, it is not just games that you will see the hero. You will also find him on all kinds of clothing, posters, even tattoos.
Hyrule has come to life for many people. It’s called cosplay, and the concept is to dress up look like the characters in the game. Even though it sounds ridiculous, it is amazing how many followers there are. Although I can not imagine dressing up in the costumes, I would like to be the one to hold up the Triforce.