If you have ever seen this movie, you know exactly where things are going once these words are spoken. The Boondock Saints is one of those films that became more popular when it came out on video. It became so popular that it brought a sequel to life. What could be the next step, a 3rd movie? Although it is an idea, Director Troy Duffy says he wants to finish other products before returning to the Saints series. So how about a video game?

There has been no confirmation on it, but “The Boondock Saints” director has said that he is thinking of turning the movie into a video game. He stated that he went to a meeting with some programmers who have already come up with a demo, which Duffy played. He said  “The demo the developer put together for ‘Boondock’ seems like real-time…realistic action. You’re looking at real characters…you can see sweat on their brows. The technology is out of this world.”  I would say he was definitely impressed. Even though Duffy has not made a decision on whether or not to go in this direction, he says “it will be at least a year before ‘The Boondock Saints’ goes virtual in any game.”