Have you ever thought about drinking  Appletinis  while smacking Bowser around? Or maybe play some Call of Duty while sipping on a Jolly Rancher. Well, the idea has come to life in Brisbane, Australia. The Mana Bar, located in the Fortitude Valley section, has brought the concept of gaming and cocktails together. They opened their doors last year, not knowing how it will turn out. It has become such a success, that  game developers have used The Mana Bar  For promotional and launching purposes.  They are now ready to celebrate with a 1-year Anniversary party. What  makes this bar even better, is the drink menus.  All the drinks  are based on video games. Everything from “Princess Peach” to “Finish Him.” They’re doing so well, they are ready to expand their locations, hoping to expand internationally. Hopefully The Mana Bar will make it here so I can enjoy such a treat.