If you have ever played any of the games from the Atari days of video games, you know how fun they actually are. Although the technology and the visual effects are way past it’s time now, some of the games are still popular today, even if they don’t look like they did back then. Now, Atari has decided to bring some classics to the Apple universe.

Atari’s  Greatest  Hits is available in the Apple app store. Although the games are bought in different packs, Pong is included in the app download. This sounds like a great  opportunity  for today’s generation to experience video  gaming  back in the day.

There is a downside to this though. I have not tried this out, however, the response of some of the buyers have shown that it may have been a bad idea. Most of the reviews have stated that the controls are difficult to work with. Considering the fact that it is only used on the iPhone and iPad, I can see why it wouldn’t work. I am at a toss up here. If you get the  opportunity  to try it out, let me know what you think.