We give a rundown of the latest game from Rovio. Rovio made a huge splash with Angry Birds, licensed and Merch’d the crap out of it. Several versions, Space, Seasons, Rio, and Original. But they have seemingly come to the end of the road with the possibilities for  innovation  in a slingshot game. So now we have a lego style build a contraption / jalopy  I want to love this game, I really do. Bad Piggies is fun, but something is missing. I know this is not meant to be another Angry birds, but the problem is that by living in the same world as the Hateful  Avians  we are left with a sour taste in our mouth.

Yes it is a physics game, and it does a decent job making the physics work. There are levels and Stars, but the scoring is shifted. It used to be that the higher your score the higher the star count, now the Stars are achievement based. Finish the level, get a star. Find the Extra Starred box, get another star. And then there is the  challenge  star. Complete with a booklet and what the  challenge  is. Some  of  them are very easy to figure out, but others are a bit more obtuse. All of which is fine. And this would have been a decent game either way. But by using the Piggies from the most popular game on any platform they dug themselves into a hole of expectation. yes I like the game. But I just wanted it to be more.

Geek Dad Alert:!

My Son has been playing angry birds since he was 3 or 4. My 2 year old can pick up the game and babble her way through it. This game is trending much older. Yes younger kids can get it but a slingshot is dead simple. I don’t think its a problem but don’t expect to hand off the phone and walk away on this one for the younger kiddes

3.5 out of 5 Beans.

How cool would the game have been if the object was to build the fortresses to survive the attacks of the birds? A Castle Defense with bricks, blocks and a limited time. I think that would have made Bad Piggies work better in the world of angry birds, and even left open a challenge where you could design the levels, your friends could play them in Angry Birds and compete for scores and prizes? Come on Rovio! DO THAT Game