While all the new games are coming out, with better technology and software, the video game industry sales are have fallen to its lowest point since 2006. Everything is becoming more expensive, making it harder to purchase any of the new releases. So gamers have started to do the next best thing, use game rentals.

While Netflix is still doing great with their movie rental system, some companies have taken that idea and tried to make a profit. Although Blockbuster has been doing game rentals since Nintendo came out, it really wasn’t popular. And companies such as Gamerang, Gamemine, and Gottaplay, have been using this technique for quite some time as well. However, renting video games didn’t hit mainstream until Gamefly showed up. It is the same concept as Netflix, just for the gaming industry.

Gamefly offers a wide variety of video games, for all the console out there today. With such features as Gamefly rewards, and the opportunity to keep the game, Gamefly has risen to the top of game rentals. They also do it for a reasonable price, $15.95 for 1 rental. They also give you the option to add 1-3 more games for an additional $7 each.  Although they have had little competition, RedBox has decided to step up to the plate.

RedBox, who has only done movie rentals since it started in 2003, has decided to take a chance with the video game rentals. RedBox handles their DVD’s through kiosks, which you can find outside most grocery stores and ¬†convenience stores. Now with video games being an option, they just might become #1 in game rentals. For $2 a day, you can rent some of the new rentals that are being released. So if you are like I am with games, $10 later, you will be on your way to get another game. If you do not return the game within 30 days, it’s yours to own. So, in the end, you spent the same amount if you were to buy it.

If you calculate the costs, they are pretty much even. And although they both give you the option to keep the game, with RedBox using kiosks, you don’t have to wait 4-6 days for a new game. It would be a big surprise if RedBox fails to come out on top in the game renting.

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