I love JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth. I’ve been a fan since I learned to read. I’ve inhaled almost everything the man has ever written, Silmarillion, Hobbit, LoTR, and HoME. I’ve read my kids to sleep with Roverandom, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. To say I’m a fan of the work… is a gross understatement. I have art books, creature beastiarys and so much more. I love and adore the canon, to me Middle earth is as alive as any other place I haven’t yet stepped foot in… like Mexico.

There is a  wonderful  looking game fast approaching us called Guardians  of Middle Earth. Does it follow Cannon? No… no it does not. Do I think that the power difference between the Maia, and Durin’s folk matter? No No I don’t. I look at this game like I look at some movies. It’s a fun concept game. A  vignette  you would never see outside of this take on the world. And it looks like fun, Admit it, seeing the witch king of Agmar smacked with a hammer is fun for the whole family.

This game is a giant what if… What If at the end of the third age a battle was waged by the greatest of combatants, the 9 riders, the 9 walkers, and various and sundry cast  members  of the saga… What if it was for all the marbles. How cool would that be.