Retro games have a well worn niche in  modern  popular culture. Some companies like  Nintendo  even make most of their money off of old IP. How many times can we see  Mario  and the princess in their little dance with bowser ect? I want a game that breaks the mold. But when reliving old games I like them to look just the way they were. Only problem is that new  TV’s  make old games look horrible. Enter the SLG 3000, a community based project from ArcadeForge.



One of the  reason  low resolution TV never looked all that bad was the analogue TV’s all used CRTs with a barely  noticeable  flicker as the lines were scanned in on the cathode ray tube. this tricked your eye into thinking the picture was continuous were it really wasn’t. The SLG 3000 uses the VGA port on your HDTV to generate those scanlines on your spiffy new TV blurring ever so slightly the old games and bringing them back to their former glory. Neat Idea! a bit pricey to relive the old glory of fuzzy TV but its funny how we don’t miss simple things until they are gone.

Handy adapter makes old NES games look good on your HDTV | DVICE.