Interested in the Portal 2 Review?

If you haven’t played the original portal you have done you gaming self a major disservice. I’m not even talking the stereotypical fan of 1st person shooters, the 3rd person god of war advocates or the sims players. It break genres to create its own. Quite simply this game is what happens when a 1st person shooter tries to really immerse itself in a puzzle.  In fact the developers threw this game in as an add-on to a collection, Part of the original Orange Box, Half life 1, 2 and team fortress. Sweet fancy fun, this package is still a steal on the discount rack.

Want to bone up on the game before the sequel comes out? : The Orange Box: Xbox 360 only $19.95 | The Orange Box : PS3 | The Orange Box : PC

There is only 1 gun, and it only does one thing. Shoots  either  entry or exit portals. using gravity, ingenuity and luck you need to navigate through countless levels of complex and mind bending puzzles. You begin to wonder if a 2 player version would even be possible. Fans of motion sickness, and Nausea need not apply. In fact that was probably the orignal title of the game.  Here si the trailer from the first game…


Enter Portal 2, And this trailer, placed years after the first game. The GLADDoS  is back, and i don’t think there will be cake, because the developers got tired of cake jokes. Sounds like sour apples to me. Let us Eat Cake!

I’m going to preorder Portal two shortly!