Before the days of Nintendo DS, but after Gameboy, handheld electronic games such as those by Tiger, were the weapon of choice for kids wanting their Paperboy, Baseball, Zelda and everything else fix. Albeit with limited graphics. Multiple cell animations would allow for  simplistic  gameplay. For kids without the coin to throw down on a Gameboy these little gems made long car rides entertaining.  Reminiscing  is one thing.. But in order to relive those glory days of beeps and blips, we need  something.

Enter the fine folks at HipopotamStudio and their creation    Pica-Pic. This website is chock full of an  ever-expanding  library  OF Playable titles! We used to get one of these games every year for  Christmas. I can’t wait for Baseball and paperboy, my two favorites to show up. But until then check out the other playable versions!

Each game has the creation date, publisher and country of origin listed. Awesome way to spend a few moments reliving the glory days of the 80’s and early 90’s. While versions of these games are still around, mostly  living  as knock offs of tetris, card  games, soduku and the like. But they will always have a fond place in my heart