Zombies are located everywhere. They would be found  anywhere you look; in space, malls, and even in your neighborhood. So you would think they would leave you alone while you take a vacation on an island. Well, that dream vacation has just been taken away from you.

Techland, famous for developing Call of Juarez, has brought the zombies to paradise. In the upcoming game, Dead Island, you control  one of four characters, who is stuck at a beach resort infested by zombies.  Although there has been a countless number of locations, this is the first time zombies will be based on an island.

Although it has become a much anticipated game, it didn’t really catch wind until recently.  What brought it to the spot light was the trailer for the game. However, many speculate that gamers are more excited about the short film rather than the game itself. There were  also talks of a movie being made based upon  Dead Island, however, as of right now there is no confirmation on that.

The Dead Island Trailer is for mature adults only, so if you would like to watch, just make sure the kids away.