If you have been paying attention you’ll know that I love me some comic books. It isn’t focused on one universe either. Marvel, DC, whatever if the story is interesting then I’m all for it. That being said, I am a huge fan of Batman. He’s a normal guy to Superman’s Uber-Human. Wealthy, yes, because if he was a poor kid he wouldn’t have all those wonderful toys.

The Dark Knight series of movies has been fantastic thus far, with a  villainous  cast  overshadowing  the Bat, and I’m fine with that. It keeps the series fresh from film to film. In the final installment of the trilogy We have a  cavalcade  of  villains. Catwoman, Bane and Hugo Strange.  While  this isn’t the official trailer, it just fits perfectly.

And yes. Robin Williams will be Dr Hugo Strange. For a primer go see Insomnia and One Hour Photo, he can pull off villain, and it will be brilliant. Can’t wait to see the real trailer. 2011-2012 is  shaping  up to be a fun time to be a comic book fan.