We talk a lot about Cthulu here at the CaffiNation. One because its a semi common geek story. Geeks like to feel special, like they are privy to secret knowledge no one else has, and they also tend to be rabid fans of things. From Cthulu having a starring role in Penny Arcade’s light holiday Reading, The Last Christmas, to the affable character in the User Friendly, Cthulu is with us, and waiting… always.

But for the people who haven’t read the stories by H.P. Lovecraft or have any understanding of the Mythos surrounding. a good animated short will have to do.  Huge thanks to  ECTOPLASMOSIS for posting this! (Fantastic site for all the fans  tentacled menace, and fans of the  macabre  in general) Here is an animated short, At the Mountains of Madness. it is in Italian, but it has wonderful subtitles and tells the tale far better than I could explain it. This is not a derivative work, but rather the story animated. Well done!

Take the time out of your day to  experience  the horror of the story. 33 minutes, well worth it.