The Route 29 Batman, a story that traveled like wildfire around the internet. a man, dressed as batman driving a Lamborgini was pulled over. Not for speeding mind you, but rather for not having the right plates. He’s Batman, he don’t need no stinkin badges!  If you want something funny watch the  dashboard camera of the traffic stop.

In real life Batman is Lenny B. Robinson. And the kind cops didn’t even make him take off his mask. Lenny is a  businessman  From Baltimore county, who does quite well for himself. But is about as close to a real life superhero you will ever see. He dresses up in a professionally made costume and visits sick kids in hospitals. Each year he hands out over $25,000 in batman toys, games and comic books to these sick kids, all from his own pocket. And the coup de gras? He is having a real Batmobile built, only going to cost him a  cool $250,000. If I ever hit the lottery I want to become this dude.

Batman did not want to get any attention for himself. he didn’t seek out the news after the incident happen, in fact the author of the story linked below is actually a friend of the family and has known about the good deeds for years.

You need to read the full article on The Washington Post, it’s  unbelievable. By the by… his teenage son? Sometimes dresses up like Robin and comes with him. This is one stone cold awesome family.