One of my biggest problems with eBooks was that the act of sharing a book with a friend was lost, Libraries would cease to be a place were you could borrow an adventure or rent a thriller.

Amazon’s Kindle is a huge gadget, it does one thing and does it beautifully. It allows you to read books. A great many people i know spend more than they intend on books through the Kindle just because it’s so easy. And that is what Amazon wants!

However Amazon is throwing down some serious game here. They are allowing Libraries to purchase multiple copies for Loan, from the library website. So the book has a built in expiration date, which you can  renew  or even  purchase. So you get to help the library and you get to try before you buy. And unlike most libraries i know you can annotate the rental, and when and if you choose to buy your notes are passed along. This is awesome.

The nook has apparently had a very similar system in place for quite a while. I am personally holding out for the Amazon Tablet, but this is mighty tempting.

Bookworms of the world tonight we dine in Narnia/Middle Earth/Hogwarts… or wherever your mind takes you.

Borrow Kindle Books from your Local Library