The fine folks over at  Furin Cosplay  have put together one of the most awesome cosplay / puppets I have ever seen. Wheatly the friendly protagonist from Portal 2, and all around idiot, is a perfect character. He is both hilarious and evil all rolled into one giant ego trip waiting to happen. And Furin manage to capture his essence in a puppet. This articles takes you from concept to final piece, from green block of foam to a real moving, talking and lit up puppet.

Here is the starting Sketch

And this is the Final Piece

To find out how we got from Point A to B check out Furin Cosplay’s build guide. I love following a creative endeavor from start to finish and the process on this one was almost better than seeing it in action… Oh Wait… And the best part about this is the puppeteering  done by the artist to really bring the lines to life after the fact.