In the parlance of a younger generation, Oh Snap!

Google is  acquiring Motorola Mobility, which means Google now has a direct line to the manufacture of mobile devices. This means that the competition between the big three in smartphone technology is going to get interesting. Apple already has a direct line to manufacture its own devices. Microsoft not so much. Now Google and Android have not only gained access to all of the patents that Motorola had in their kitty, but they also gain access, directly to any hardware that motorola had in development.

Now I love Android, I find it to be a fantastic Mobile OS, however its open nature does have limitations. Without pushing for deep integration with hardware the OS has been able to spread rapidly. However  Perhaps by  acquiring  a true hardware giant in the industry will push for such integration, and break new ground in terms of  overall OS Speed, and reliability.

So far some of the best phones for Android have been a toss up between the Google developed devices and the Motorola. Although some people will disagree with that.

I can only hope that this will lead to more robust android core, and  better class of phones. I love my original Droid, and I’m not due to get a new phone until after the new year, what do you think the chances of getting an awesome new Google Phone out by then are?

Official Google Blog: Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility.