James Hance is the brains and brush behind one of the most wonderful confluences of art I’ve seen in the recent past. His Wookie the Chew stories are heart warming, and unbelievably drawn. a fantastic mix between Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh. I bought a book for my kids and one for a present to a good geeky friend.

However James’s is under a lot of stress recently, His wonderful daughter Maddy has a rare ┬ádisease and he and his wife are trying anything they can to send her to Boston for treatment, as you can imagine the bills are crazy high, and James has brought his search for help to the internet. He is asking that you consider purchasing some of his art to help offset the bills, The Wookie the Chew book is only 5 dollars people, and is a wonderful read. Any of us who are parents know that dark place deep in your heart where you worry about your children, and dread ever having anything happen to them. For a man who has brought so much selfless joy to the geek world.

Relentlessly Cheerful Art. Hugs for Maddy, and best wishes to James and his family.