So you’e a geek of many trades, you love yourself a little Lord of the Rings on the Weekends, a little Xbox 360 at night to pwn some n00bs when the mood strikes you, a dash of hacking spark,  and you have a flare for the dramatic… This hack uses the Kinect Sensor portion of the Xbox, man I want one of those, now I have a reason to get it.

This is probably a project for you. The fine folks over at The Technology Studio in the UK have blended the creepy picture that follows you around the room with the Eye of Sauron, and an Xbox  Kinect. The display is a system called a pufferfish, which produces a wonderful 360 degree viewing  experience. This is fantastic i love the sound effects to boot! This needs to be in my office. That way I can be the Mouth of Sauron, and the really the bad  guy, just his  accomplice. It wasn’t me …. Blame the EYE.