My wife is not a true geek,she is a wonderful woman but not a real geek. She is… geek-ish. She knows how to code, works with databases and tolerates my endless nerdy jokes. But in all reality she is quite a normal sane lady with no interest in star wars, tolkien or anything else. For someone as off the deep end as I am it helps to stay a little grounded.  When i proposed I did so while feverish, literally 104  Fahrenheit, and on bended knee in a place special to the two of us.

However when Gary wanted to ask Stephanie to marry him he went the extra geeky mile. Using their shared love of Portal, he worked with the modding community, Valve and the Voice of Glaados herself, Ellen McLain and worked out the  wondrous video you see below.

Come to think of it. If i had really wanted to go geek with my proposal I could have designed a level in Mario Kart 64 and worked it that way…  Hindsight  is always 20/20. Best Wishes to Gary and Stephanie as they start their life together.

The Gary Hudston Project Portal 2 Engagement – YouTube.