8 bit junkies and gamers of the world unite. This is the bag of your dreams. ell if you dream of  messenger bags. Chiropractors of the world probably dream of more practical things. but still you have to admit this is a mighty spiffy bag. Made to look like a giant Nintendo controller so you can relive your youth and carry your stuff.

I’ve spent most of my life carrying around a backpack, a messenger bag or something else to and fro. A place for my stuff if you will. Laptop bags replaced school bags and the amount of stuff never honestly changes too much. The first thing i care about with any bag is durability, specifically the place were the straps attach to the bag, I always end up tearing bags there. So while this bag might be the height of geek fashion I honestly can’t say whether or not it would stand up to what i would put it through. However for only 36.99 it isn’t too bad of an investment in geek chic.

ThinkGeek :: Nintendo Reversible Messenger Bag.