Would I love to have real Interactive Aperture Science Gels? Yes, why yes I would…

Make me faster, stronger, more portal-able… I’m all in. Portal 2 Interactive gels is your chance to own, nay to experience, the wonder of Portal in real life.

Do they work? Who knows. Are they expensive. Science ain’t cheap you know, just make those checks out to cash.  Conversion Gel, Propulsion Gel, Repulsion Gel, all three ready and colorful.

$39.99 gets you a sampling of all three flavors, or if you like blue, orange or white all by their lonesome you too can own it for $14.99 a pop.  What are they made of? We  don’t  know but we do know its lively element and it does not like the human  skeleton.

ThinkGeek :: Portal 2 Interactive Gels.

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