How many times have you put together a little  something to fill a need, crufted two things that worked well on their own together to make something unbelievable. Being a soldier is a dangerous job. It is a soldiers job to make things work in any situation, and in the end his unwritten job is to come home safe to the loved ones he left behind.

Ernie Fessenden saw a need and helped his brother Chris out. Chris is a soldier an is  assigned to check the roads in Iraq for IED’s. Ernie asked if Chris had any equipment provided to help track on ahead to check the road in front of the patrol? Chris responded that he didn’t know of anything that could do that. Ernie and his friends at a local hobby shop cobbled together a Traxxis Stampede and a wireless camera, including a little screen that Chris could mount on his gun. This way the remote control car and travel ahead of the patrol looking for IED’s. The car had been in Iraq since 2007, and had already found 4 bombs in front of the Patrol.

Recently the car found it’s last IED, by triggering  approximately 500 pounds of explosives connected to a series of tripwires. The Humvee traveling behind the little RC car and all 6 soldiers inside were unharmed. A $500 gift from one brother to another, kept 6 families safe and sound that day.  Ernie  already  has another car on it’s way. This is an awesome story, and an awesome hack.

RC car hack saves lives in war zone – Hack a Day.