Anthony Petrie is a designer who just so happens to love geek culture, and was tapped to work with Reebok and Marvel on their upcoming Reebok X Marvel limted edition line of shoes. The first collection will include Captain America, Red Skull, Spider-Man, Venom, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool, Chamber, Black Widow and Emma Frost. I am seriously in love with ll of these designs, but my favorite is actually the sabertooth shoe, dead on accurate and awesome mapping the character to the footwear. So many choices… Such cool stuff!

No Thor light up shoes? COME ON!!! I kid. Seriously if the shoes were based on Mjollner then no one but  Thor  would be able to lift them, so what fun would that be…

Seriously if you want some glorious product shots of all of the shoes head on over to Snkorlogy,

Now I’m not one for buying shoes I can’t wear… but still

 Zombie Bacons