Damn you George Lucas…

Why does he continue to license his products to other companies in an enticing manner. For every goofy Star Wars Toaster which burns an image of Darth Vader into a piece of bread we have a wonderful compilation like this! The Star Wars Xbox 360. 320 gig hard drive, R2D2 style paint job and a cool white kinect sensor? Oh yeah it  totally  has a Gold C3P0 controller. THE LED is BLUE! that right there is enough for me to throw money away. I like blue.


My one question about these bundles. For 450 dollars why don’t we ever get a second controller? I mean come on! If you have the money and the time George would love for you to give him some of the former.

What no light saber?

Special Edition Star Wars XBox & Kinect – Geekologie.