There is a new kid on the music block. And I don’t mean a boy band craze you have to run away from… unless you wander into a bad room. is a new service currently in limited / not limited beta. If you have a friend who is in the beta on facebook sign in and you’re golden. If you don’t have a friend you could either request an invite, or Like the CaffiNation, and request to be my buddy. And then you get in. Easy Peezy.

You get to search things already uploaded, and add your own songs to the mix. The you play a single song. If people like your song it gets voted up, if they don’t it gets voted down. 5 people get to DJ in a room. each one picking a single song in a row. ¬†However you need to have good music taste. I have, shall we say, very eclectic music taste I play what I feel like at the moment. I am horrible at staying on point. My personal collection and playlist verifies this on more than one occasion. A picture of my room is above. Look below to find someone with better music taste than I… DJ Woooooo was apparently “spinning some fat beats” or at least thats what the kids tell me to say he was doing. Woooo Indeed.

RIAA please don’t kill this I’ve found all kinds of fun new artists, and new music through it. CrowdSourcing ¬†Playlists beats the pants off Pandora. There are ¬†interesting licensing restrictions, how many times an hour an artist can be played ect. I’m still playing around.