Harrison Krix,  H_Krix has talent, serrious talent for creating props. He was recently contracted to create an N7 rifle prop for Mass Effect 3 to be used by the studio during Comi-con. Now i am a huge fan of realistic looking props, and I am in awe of the people who are able to create them. The final prop might be beautiful, horrifying or mundane but the process more than anything is what really interests me. And if you’re good enough you can follow along at home and create your own version!


Prop creation, 3d modeling and pretty much any complex problem out there is all about breaking things down into steps and taking the most basic shapes and solutions and slowly forming them into a finished and polished product.

He was able to turn this  which is a Digital image, a 3d rendered still from the upcoming video game Mass Effect 3,

and create this. A real life prop. to have and to hold in sickness and in health as long a ye both shall fight.

And actual, you can hold it if you are lucky enough to find it, real life prop. Astounding. Follow the whole journey from imagination to reality on his website  Volpin Props. Still I can’t wait for the game!