Stupid Mayans, Imagine making a cylyndrical calendar, and long after you forget to flip the stone page some other goofball comes around and thinks the world is going to end because he can’t read your handwriting? Yeah thats about as close as we are to not  existing  in a couple of weeks, 12, 21. 2012. nice round number eh?


But speaking of science. How cool is this story? A  mountain  sized piece of space rock is coming pretty close to earth Today… 18 lunar distances away, 9 round trips to the moon, of mileage on your friendly family car and you can take a picture with 4179 Toutatis has a lovely elliptical orbit, meaning it circles by to say Howdy every 4 years or so.


Space geeks have already done all the math we don’t have anything to worry about for the next 600 + years or so. Good  thing  too since it weighs in at half the planet killing size of the Dinosaurs Doom, and is roughly 3 miles long, and sadly for us with visual minds reminds me of Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo.

Mountain-sized asteroid to not destroy all life on Earth Tuesday | DVICE