Head on over to this link and check the specifications for your holiday decorations. Figured I’d better link this information up before people got into too much trouble setting their tree up in a manner that wasn’t proper, nor to code. Not only is the blog based on a coffee related premise, Life after coffee, but their content is generally good too, yet another coffee related blog to go into the read list. BTW we have discussed Kopi Luwak coffee, this dude has tried it and gives his first-time impression. I think I might need to request this for a special occasion to be named later. Kind of like a baseball trade. Priced steep, but apparently worth it. BTW Kopi Luwak coffee is coffee that’s has been predigested by a palm civet…

Seriously though, that’s not what I came to talk to you today… nope today I came to talk to you about something completely different.

Friday one of my coworkers and also a listener of the show gifted a coffee related product to me. As they were giving this out in one of the buildings on campus and he doesn’t drink coffee, the heathen. This is the gadget he gave me. Some of the best coffee I have ever had came out of this. The best part is the coffee is never burnt as the only heat source is the water coming in. Check it out, more on this in the next show, so study up.

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