Wow, after having put the finishing touches on Aprils Stats Submission, i have to say this is a fun place to be right now, but i Haven’t exactly been keeping up with my three postings a week. Let me give you the excuses and a run down on the current state of anarchy at the CaffiNation Headquarters.

First off, before anything else. I wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who inquired about my father. He is in good health and the surgery was a success. Long story short, there was a massive buildup of scar tissue in his abdomen which caused all of the issues. He went into surgery “on the bright” Monday morning and emerged several hours later with more tubes than a pipe organ. But much healthier than when he went in. While he is still not out of the woods, or even the hospital yet there are marked improvements each day. So thank you all again from the bottom of my heart for your concern, well wishes and prayers. My family is in awe of the response, and the caring.

Secondly, The boy will be going in for a second opinion in the coming weeks. We were not comfortable with the first Doc nor his somewhat hasty assessment of the situation so we seek further council. So no operation for the wee one as of yet.

I am slowly recovering from being sick, voice is at roughly 95% and stamina back to the perpetual 1am bedtime. Much more gets done this way. By the By, Guitar hero is a demonic influence. I actually caught myself saying explaining to my wife that I had to stay up that late for the fans… I was asked to do an encore and who could refuse? So a 10pm startup and a 1am curtain isn’t too bad. Unless the boy asks for a second show at 3am… yucky.

And lastly the computer I use to record the podcast will be getting new life later on this week, and I will be able to reattach the peripherals which have languished in its absence.

Fun Stuff. I’m going to try and work ahead at this point. Getting a couple of articles / reviews in the can so to speak for weeks such as this. Thanks for Caring and listening, and stay caffeinated people!