Spend this Tax Day helping those with less Technological Know How-then yourself. Turn a negative infamous day into a positive experience for everyone.

The long and the short of this holiday are that I want all of those able minded Tech’s out there to set aside one day to work with someone less technologically fortunate than yourself and teach them a skill they will be able to use technology to its fullest. Keyboard shortcuts, smoother work flow, install firefox and walk them through it. Anything is fair game.

Give me your tired, your frustrated, your unsure users yearning to click freely. The elder statesmen of your family group. Send these, the grandparents, the parents, the anger challenged, the hunt and pecks. I share my experiences with them and lead them to the golden shore of understanding.

This is the first time I have ever tried to codify the holiday and what it should encompass in written form. For the past two years I have been proselytizing this mission on my Podcast, and in real life. But the time has come to take the word, to the streets, tubes, and beyond.

Each one of us has benefited from some other person taking the time to explain a technological concept to us. We have all reaped the benefits of those others showing us the way things work from time to time. Its time to pass the buck, pay it forward, or any other euphemism you can think of.

I love to teach, and I love to be able to spread the good that technology can do for peoples lives. This is but one small way we can increase the footprint of technology. Each person you educate become less likely to distrust new tech as it comes out. Each person you effect thinks twice before trying something new.

Teach a man or woman to tech: Pay your taxes, and pay your dues, Adopt a newb

~I’m Paul Rj Muller And I approve this Holiday. Spread the word and let us know.

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