the_more_you_know_224x.jpgThe funny thing about the whole Windows V Mac OS holy war is the lack of a truly neutral observer. there is no Switzerland. There is no UN of OS’. Much like politics people telegraph their opinions onto what ever analysis they try to present. I am guilty of this myself. I am both a windows and a mac user, and more recently a linux user at times. So when it comes to the next great step in the evolution of computing the next true rival to Mac OS X, windows Vista’s release there is a drought of reliable reporting that i have found.

Thus far one reporter has risen above the din of snarky comments, half assertions and general muckraking. He even included a special note to some of the readers informing them of his inability to respond to comments of a derogatory or hateful nature… I’m not going to ruin his conclusion but i was pleasantly surprised by the Switzerland-ish approach and tone of the entire article. I consider it a fair and logical view of the battle between Vista and OSX. Read the article its worth it.

Until then i have spent the last day and night of work and home trying mightily to get my laptop back into a semi working order. More on that struggle later… Update Laptop working Dual Boot is a splendid thing. I’ll dish more later on.