Deadlines Suck!

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to get your work done. And lets be honest you’re probably more than a little behind due to some time management issues as well. But going over that tired ground won’t help you stay up any later, any safer. Ands frankly you don’t have time to read a long drawn out article to get your jitter and shake free caffeine fix. Productive hours is what your looking for, not strung out on some energy drink crash at 2am a mere two coherent paragraphs away from a brilliant paper.

Review: Cramming

You don’t have time for a long drawn out diatribe on the merits of each point. Have questions? post a comment I’ll respond.

  • Know your body and your limits
    • If you aren’t used to drinking a ton of caffeine go slowly and listen to the messages your body is sending you. Don’t overdue it, bad things can happen
  • Sugar is your sworn enemy
    • Sugar is great for candy, but when paired with caffeine it increases the “High” of the caffeine but also hastens the crash. Black coffee doesn’t have a crash because there is no sugar rush associated with it. Sugar Free energy drinks are your best bet if you want a sweet caffeine fix.
  • Feed thyself
    • Your body is a machine a high protein meal will go miles toward extending the effects of caffeine as well as soothing out any nervous tremors, shakes ect.
  • Nap time!
    • A short 20 minute nap is proven to be very effective at restoring energy and focus. Any longer and you enter a deeper sleep and you won’t wake as rested. If you’re feeling adventurous then try a caffeine nap. Down a cup of coffee, immediately go to sleep for 15 -20 minutes.
  • Moderation
    • A mantra in the field of caffeine culture take everything in moderation. Your objective is to increase the amount of productive hours you have available, not see if you can make your heart vibrate. There are very real and serious consequences to overconsumption of caffeine.
  • Know what your weapon
    • Not sure how much caffeine is in your energy drink? Check out the definitive guide at Energy Fiend. More is not always better, check the serving size and consider how much sugar each one of these things has in it.

I hope this quick hit list of things you can do to increase your productivity helps. Nothing out there can give you more time but I wanted to hopefully arm you with the ability to be more productive longer.

1 cup of strong coffee can have anywhere from 80mg of Caffeine to 150mg. Plan accordingly