Well its earth day once more, we’re all a year further into the Green revolution. but too often people spend time focusing on the big things, such as Solar Panels, Biofuels, Green Energy, and they forget that the small things add up pretty quick. As Coffee and Tea drinkers we should be doing our own small part to save the environment one cup of beverage at a time.

Coffee Grounds:

CaffiNation Logo- Greened UpEven if you don’t have a “compost pile” per say there is nothing stopping you from using an old coffee can to store used grounds. Then take the grounds and add them liberally to any houseplant you are re-potting, or any garden you are tending.

Coffee grounds are naturally acidic, however during the process of brewing liquid gold you leech most of the acidity out of the grounds. By the time you end up using them they won’t change the ph of your soil one way or another.   The used grounds are not only a great way to retain moisture in the soil as they absorb quite well, but they also add nitrogen back into the soil.

For gardens coffee grounds also are great food for worms, even going so far as to attract them, and more worms means better soil.

Tea Bags:

tea Bags, even the Herbal infusions are also compost-able, the bags themselves might take a bit longer the decompose than the leaves inside so feel   free to rip the bag open and scatter the leaves about. I have heard different people tell me that the tanic acid in tea bags also prevents root rot, and different root problems. These seasoned farms bury a handful of teabags in the soil near their root veggies with grea12t results.

Espresso Pucks are Awesome!

I clear a small patch of dirt right next to a lot of my flowering plants and drop the whole puck right into the soil, cover it up and we’re ready to go.

That’s it, just a small article on a tiny way you can lessen the drain on landfills, and your impact on the environment as a whole. Go Forth and go Green