There is nothing more enjoyable then heading out to a cafe on your way home from work. Or stopping by for a sweet sweet cup on your way to a job. But what would happen if you  worked  at a coffee shop? I can imagine the task of picking through equipment to outfit a cafe would be daunting to say the least. I personally love coffee, and would enjoy nothing more than to browse through only the best equipment. But to find it all in one place would be kind of awesome. Enter  Coffechino Commercial Coffee Machines, They have an assortment of only the finest Cafe and commercial equipment. From top of the line espresso machines, instant coffee stations, and enough  ingredients  to keep even the shop in running order.

Down the line, when the kids are older, it would be awesome to actually  fulfill  a dream of mine and open my own cafe. Trust me it would be awesome. But until then I have to be content to surf through stores full of the equipment, shiny objects are always fun to look at. And there is just something truly beautiful about a quality espresso machine. It might be the  shiny  pipes, or the simple and open design of the stainless steel. Either way a man can dream, until then tim for some click window shopping.

Disclaimer: This post is a  Sponsored post, the words and statements all reflect the independent views of The CaffiNation.