In the future I’ll just shorten the title to DMTC then the episode number. The idea is that I find so many fantastic stories that I can no longer fit them in the Show, especially given that I’m trying to trim the footprint of the show down to a more manageable 30 – 35 minutes as opposed to 45-50 like we had been doing. Trimming the extra 10 minutes off my show somehow created an extra 30 minutes of time to spend with my family for the last show… so go figure.

On Today’s DMTC you’ll see information about Solar and Wind Power, IVF conception, Toast, and Bar Tabs  

Let me know what you think of the format.   Stories After the Jump.

Green Design breaks loose. My wife recently noted that almost every single venue for commerce has been touting green as the new “in word” Cars are green, architecture is green, furniture is green even when its not. But at its core Green Tech is supposed to be environmentally friendly. So its awesome seeing companies like Panasonic use really innovative and spiffy looking tech at their headquarters. Solar and Wind Powered Street Lights are something completely new, just the combination of both of them is. The pics on the page are NOT rendered images, they are real and they work. Take that Gravity Lamp.

Although the title seems a bit of a misnomer the Silicon Womb is a new method of IVF treatment being tried. In that these silicon tubes are actually implanted into a uterus in order to grow “more viable embryos. I’m confused by the whole trial, although i think this is a neat concept. Are they being planted into the mother, into a surrogate, do the babies grow in the tubes… Either way its fascinating to see science in action.

We have features more than our fair share of both Toast and clocks on this show. So it only makes sense that whenever the twain shall meet that we should post something. I think it would be even cooler if this was a derivation of the toast printer, which printed toast with the time on it, whose with me. Toast clock FTW

Tending bar has never been more a science than it is right now. Not just from the building of a drink standpoint, but from the business end as well. There is something to be said for managing your inventory down to the fluid ounce, via RFID, temperature sensors and the like as found with the insanely awesome Barilliant gadget. But at the same point in time there is something being lost in the conversation between bartender and patron. No more sliding one to the regulars with this system. but on the same note cutting down on losses by 15% is hard (alright impossible) to ignore.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy the Cruft that didn’t quite rise tot he top. Thats not saying this stuff isn’t good its just that I couldn’t find a way to shove it into the time we have.

~Stay Caffeinated