Here again we find ourselves looking down the barrel of yet another fantastically full episode of the CaffiNation Podcast. However as has been our custom these past two weeks the news that is still awesome enough to share, but unfortunately we just simply don’t have enough time to engage in ends up here. This is the Didn’t make the Cut for Episode 213

I have long railed against the preponderance of massive cell phone charges. I think the networks are out of control, i don’t care if its AT&, Verizon or whatever your poison is. In the US their is no “No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater… than” Cell Phones to pull an out of context line from Dogma. This little story illustrates the insanity of data charges on some of the networks and sheds a little light on just how bad things can get if you don’t know the letter of the contract you signed. Read and understand all contracts you sign people.

Now I love me some Viral Video, especially when it has some obviously awesome Geek references. You need to watch this… Take one part Viral Classic in Evolution of dance (obligatory reference link) and one Part Robot…. err Autobot. And throw a little robot chicken like magic in there and you get this level of awesome. View it and tremble in its presence. Doing the robot anyone?

I love green tech, but not just for the sake of being green, because we all know that ain’t easy. But when technology truly bridges the gap between just for kicks and actual real world society changing type of impact you need to take notice. Desalinization is a major roadblock in establishing communities in less industrialized areas. fresh water is a necessity for human life, so this device is world changing to pull a phrase from the article. Clean potable drinking water… off the grid.And last but most certainly notable is a recent development in fan bladedesign. By emulating humpback whales, and the contours of their fins. A designer has by way of small changes to just the surface of a fan blade made the entire system 20% more efficient, create 32% less drag. Why mess with what evolution has crafted through trial and error throughout the millennium.

Now take a step back with those final two stories and think about the ramifications of redesigning the fan blades for the water pumping, desalinization windmill. Move more water, more efficiently. This combination could take off.

That about does it for the stories both big and small that we just couldn’t wedge into the CaffiNation 213. I hope you are enjoying the daily blog postings and overall new design of the workflow around here. Please feel free to comment.

~Thanks and Stay Caffeinated!