Hi All didn’t want you to think I Forgot about the DMTC for the last show, I just wanted to make sure I had my other article from yesterday out on time. Just in time for the article for today we have 3 stories which were good enough to want to share but unfortunately just couldn’t fit into the time for yesterday’s episode.

First up is a story about a review website which makes people aware of some unsavory business practices, and products that just plain don’t work. This site got sued for a bad review, under the DMCA. The product in question tried to say that it was a misuse of trademark to post a bad review. This is not the case. so you get this little tale, basically just because someone hates your product and tells other people you have no recourse if they state facts. Hopefully this will play out in the logical manner, and i agree with the guys over at techdirt that its a great thing to see a site fight back against the larger businesses, out there that try to bully small websites.

The Next story i came across was a fun little peek inside the mind of a scientist. Ever wonder what would happen to a boomerang in space? Would it come back? well then your not along. In fact plans are under way to get this tested. I’m going to go out on a limb here and so categorically, no. No drag, no wind resistance at all, means that sucker is going to head straight into the sun.

I’m as much of a fan of comfortable living as the next guy but i’m going to go out on a limb here and say that indoor, open air, pit fireplaces probably aren’t good for general saftey. I have a young son so this is never going to set foot in my door. I also have white ceilings that i could do without having to scrub soot off of. I had stains on the ceiling in my bedroom at my parents house from keeping incense and candles in the same place for extended peirods of time, this looks like an instant classic. Oh yeah did i mention this little bueaty was set into a coffee table? No, well then there you go.

Stay tuned for more articles later on today