The stories that didn’t quite make it into this CaffiNation all have a similar feel, and I hope that your all enjoying your Green Beer and Comfort food today as you celebrate St Patrick’s Day. And While we aren’t Dyeing rivers like they do in Chicago, and pictured in the photo, we are going to enjoy a nice green beer with dinner. And in the spirit of such comfort I was able to cull these 3 stories and one hilarious video from the mass of stories we get sent every week.

Up first no geeky home could be without a reference to Star Wars, but not many homes can accommodate this level of reference. We personally have a Darth Vader tree ornament, but this goes over and above the geeky calling. And it would look excellent in my office, deep within the CaffiNation Lair. R2D2, has long looked like one but this seems to be the best version of a trash can ever made from the lovely little driod.

I love to cook, my wife loves to cook. We are in short a very well fed house. We cook bake and roast damn near everything you can imagine, but we still need more inspiration and help from time to time. I’ve checked out the digital cookbooks, and being a geek who loves to cook as I do i found them seriously lacking. They seemed to miss that extra gear which would set them apart from the others. This is an under the counter HDTV, and a digital cookbook, AND a digital picture frame. This thing has gears to spare who wouldn’t love one?

And lastly who wouldn’t love to put their feet up by the fire after a long hard day of doing good, and herding cats? Being a former Boy scout, nothing brings back memories of comfort like a good fire in the hearth. But i live in the city, and my hearth has been replaced by a TV. Which is not that bad when you think about it but it lacks a certain mystique. This little gadget, while we know its going to be prohibitively expensive bring the magic back. A wall mounted fireplace… with little heat. A giant oil lamp if you will, with panache.

And Last but certainly not least. The muppets sing for the love of their obviously Irish Heritage, in this classic Celtic ballad. Three of my all time favorite muppets, The Sweidish Chef, Animal and Beaker rock out to oh Danny Boy