New to you: Rick Roll’d, IRL, Toast, Apple, and Mixers

There was extra news in spades today as we we’re inundated with awesomeness covering a very wide spectrum. I did my best to condense some of the more interesting articles into the actual show, but as always the best doesn’t always fit into 35 minutes. Read after the jump for the goodies in store for you tonight.

I love a good prank, and I have to tell you this is non other than epic. For those of you not in the know when you get rick roll’d (Don’t click this unless your prepared) there is a certain element of shock, irritation then you have no choice but to break down and laugh. If you have experienced the magic that is Rick Astely singing to you, then you will appreciate what Rocketboom did to Tim Shey, whose site we linked to for the low down on the matter. Tim looks like he was a good sport about the whole thing but I’ll let you decide.

Steve Jobs ruffles feathers, seems like a tool, but has vision to back it up. The moral of this story is not to act like your better than everyone unless you really are. I have to admit i honestly don’t have much respect for Steve Parking in handicap places, nor the way he has treated fans at live events in the past, but you can’t fault his vision of late, and you can’t call into question his dedication to ideals. The man truly hates buttons, he doesn’t even wear shirts with them. So this is a great article breaking down why it is so counter intuitive that Apple is successful, and compares their management style to old industry as opposed to the laid back New media and Geek chic offices. Interesting read non the less.

I am a fan of strange art. I think that this tests even my boundaries. Toast as art… funky, possibly tasty, but damn if i can’t stop staring in wonder at the detailed worlds, and venues built out of nothing more than grades of burnt toast.

Last but certainly not least i found an awesome drink mixer, hand-held and self contained. Imagine being able to make hot coco, instant coffee or any type of powered drink mix without getting lumps of dust in your mouth. I have had instant iced tea explode in my mouth in a dusty Armageddon, there I was choking and coughing up a storm. But no more.