In this collection of news bits we gladly give you the great news items that were either sent in or collected for use in the CaffiNation 218 but we just couldn’t shoehorn any more content in. Witty banter aside these are great fodder for thought. Frequently the things that don’t always make it into the Episodes are the pieces that require more to research or care to be put into the treatment thereof. Still I hope you enjoy today’s offerings.

On today’s Run You’ll see: The Pentagon, The White House, Bill Gates, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Apple

First up is a duo gadget of sorts. I’m a fan of multipurpose objects. I like that something simple can be made more useful by integrating two needs into on location. Think a DVD, VCR a DVD TV, a stuffed crust pizza. You get the idea. But in the spirit of such dynamic duos we get introduced to the DSUS DS-400GB, a product not without obfusticated naming schema attached. This integrates your GPS into a place you should be consulting regularly anyway, the rear view mirror. However it does not take into account that you should probably be focus on the direction your heading not where you’ve been. A better place would have been right above the speedometer, or in a HUD style display in from of the drivers eyes. This is spiffy but flawed.

Taking the concept of a HUD and looking where you are going to heart the Pentagon is seriously looking into technology in contact lenses that will allow information to be augmented into the soldiers field of vision. This is awesome. This is the right way to go with tech. It recognizes that taking your eyes off the prize for a second could mean the difference between success and failure in certain arenas. And in other places it is paramount to survival. I can only hope that this kind of tech might eventually filter down to us lowly civilians. It looks awesome all the best with this one

There has been a story floating around the intertubes for a bit concerning a gentleman by the name of Nathaniel who had a very prized possession repaired and ruined in the same fell swoop. Nate had an Xbox 360 signed by various luminaries within the Xbox scene, the Bungie dev team among many others. Sending his prized console into get repair the helpful little gnomes cleaned the xbox… completely that is to say they removed every last one of those signatures collected over the past two years. Well after being alerted to the massive mistake by the gamer community at large Microsoft, Bungie and a host of other people came out to make the wrong right again. They sent this dude tons of swag, A signed Halo care package and a ton of other goodies. As well as a new console with Bill Gate’s siggy on it as well. Well played Microsoft. I have to say their actions of late on certain levels

I had a couple of other stories which were on the cusp of being included but after sleeping on them I decided that by mentioning them I would be adding nothing to the discussion that wasn’t already there. And the news swirling around them is hazy enough. Everything is not always what it seems. I’ve posted the links for you to consider on your own. And I might take the discussion up again at a later date.

For Your Consideration

  • The Wrath of the Apple Tribe
    • My Only thought to pass along is that bias is what you make of it. There are no truly neutral opinions, only more or less at stake for the story teller. By not embracing your natural bias and working from that vantage point you are only doing a disservice to the discussion as a whole.
  • White House Says Hard Drives Were Destroyed
    • The point of contention with this piece is that the hardrives where destroyed. While the overall story has merit concerning the missing communication the destruction of old government hardrives is a non issue. Standard procedure for media that contained confidential data is to physically destroy the drive to prevent data recovery, banks do it, I do it, the government should and does do it.

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