Tattooing is a very old art form, the Ice Man Ötzi, had 57 tattoos and this Ice age rocker was alive 5300 years ago, give or take a year. I’m pretty sure Ötzi never could have imagined that all this time later tattooing could be on the cusp of a paradigm leap forward. How does Digital Tattooing sound to you? Well it might be an oversimplification. The entry into the Greener Gadgets Competition is actually a sub dermal implant, with a fuel cell that runs off your blood. It has bluetooth connectivity, and probably can txt message.

It has fantastic implications for the betterment of mankind. I know people who suffer through diabetes, testing takes time and can be harder to get an accurate picture of the overall health of the individual throughout the day. Imagine if you will an indicator on their arm letting people modulate their diet as the day progresses to manage their blood sugar, as opposed to taking instance readings. Think of this as being able to look at a speedometer whenever you want as opposed to just at the stop lights. Over simplification, yes, but i think you get the point.

Or on the other side imagine someone who suffers with alcoholism. Implant one of these under their forearm as shown in some of the pictures and the connectivity features of the implant could help them manage their selves in times of weakness. Instead of calling the cops, rather calling a councilor when alcohol is detected. Lives could be saved.

The recently concluded Greener Gadgets Competition which was sponsored by Core77, a neat Industrial design mag in its own right. has been a vast feeding ground for the Tech Cruft section here at the CaffiNation. So many neat, innovative and surprising tech related things have been designed for this. Now we have in the past discussed the Gravity Lamp at length, in fact both in episode 209, and then the corrections in 210.

Still in the concept phase this could be interesting to watch. I can only imagine what sort of awesome tech my kid will see over the course of his lifetime! BTW in getting its fuel from the body are we that much closer to the Coppertop future?